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The interaction dynamic that evolves between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued in an environment that is open to giving and receiving without judgment is at the source of healthy communication.

VUCA (Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) dynamics are more and more determining the way our global business environment is evolving and impacting our daily interactions. Clear vision, resilience and agility underlie the willingness to explore and navigate new pathways to both personal and professional success. At the heart of this journey are strategies that communicate “power with” instead of “power over”, that connect, build and sustain trust and lead to committed alignment with the corporate vision.

3 Key Questions to Consider:

  • “Do we have a communication policy to ensure we all understand the importance, accountability and process of communication in our organization and team”?
  • “Does communication in our organization and teams support our mission, vision and strategy”?
  • “Do we provide effective skills development for our managers to help them become good communicators”?

From the Harvard Business Review (Jan. -Feb. 2016), “The Biology of Corporate Survival”.

Charlotte Weston Horsmann

My Mission

I help leaders, teams and individuals to render “the invisible visible” by exploring existing thought and communication patterns that impact their interactions. Through healthy conversations we co-create a shared view of reality based on clarity, understanding, trust and wise action.


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