Expat Transitions: From Entering to Adjusting

You`ve landed that overseas assignment promising a substantial career step, an exciting expat life, the possibility to learn a new language and explore a foreign culture. Whether moving around the globe is an “old hat” for you or whether it is a new and exciting experience … change and adapting to unfamiliar settings can take their unexpected toll. It all depends on how open and how prepared we are to accept change. What we all experience to some extent are the stages we go through before we adjust and make sense of the often unprecedented change happening.

As an experienced cross-cultural coach and an objective listener I am happy to partner with you and your family to embrace emotional resilience and guide you on your journey toward making the most of your overseas adventure.

  • Cultural Awareness Coaching: Develop an open mindset, nurture curiosity and broaden your perspective
  • Riding the waves of change: The four stages of cultural adaptation
  • Let’s talk! Let me be your objective sounding board for what you’re experiencing.

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Expats in Transition

HoneymoonIn life and especially in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world we are continually subject to the ups and downs of changes; some more remarkable, others barely perceptible. What we all experience, to some extent, are the stages we go through before we adjust and make sense of the change happening. It all depends on how open and how prepared we are to accept change.

Adapting to a new culture can pose a number of challenges of which we may not be aware but that nevertheless take their toll on our physical and emotional sense of well-being. After the initial honeymoon phase where we experience our move as novel and exciting, we may gradually feel a disconnect between “our reality” and the unfamiliar other. Adjustment tends to follow a U-shaped curve in a process over time and can be experienced in feelings of disorientation, confusion, irritation all the way to extreme frustration, anger and depression. At this point we might be asking ourselves: “What happened to my map of the world?” Well, quite possibly, that map no longer corresponds to the territory.

I’d be happy to partner with you on your journey either on an individual coaching basis or as a group facilitator.

Expat TransitionsTarget group: Executives and spouses:

  • embarking on foreign assignments
  • on assignment
  • returning to the home country (re-entry shock)


  • Awareness of the transition process
  • Exploring options
  • Developing an open mindset
  • Moving toward resilience, acceptance and wellbeing

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