Coaching: Clarity, Resilience and Wise Action

Introduction: Coaching for Clarity, Resilience and Wise Action

My passion are people. My strengths lie in listening and perceiving the way lives unfold to embrace beliefs that foster growth and learning.


  • Relationships & Results
  • Interpersonal & Operational
  • Strengths-based Approach

Individual/Executive Coaching:

I am convinced that coachees already hold the key to accessing their true potential, and am deeply committed to resonating with coachees’ inner motives, values and aspirations before helping to build an action plan and roadmap. Coach and coachee engage in an interactive, developmental process based on discovery question that bring a range of options to the surface, uncover new opportunities and inspire to action. Acting as a sounding board and coach-facilitator, coach and coachee embark on a journey to identify factors that stand in the way of moving forward toward a desired outcome. Reconnecting to meaningful goals contribute to an overall sense of both personal and professional wellbeing, boost performance and add value to the organization.

Team Coaching:

Coaching teams differs from individual coaching in that it draws together a combination of needs while harnessing different mindsets and intelligences. As a team coach, I help teams see the bigger picture beginning with the obvious: Why are we a team? What is our purpose? What do we aspire to? How do we create a team – corporate culture with which we identify, engage, and are inspired to work toward common goals. Becoming aware of our beliefs, the intent of our communication and the impact it has at all levels of the organization is key to understanding what motivates us; how we build trust between leaders, team members and direct reports and sustain a healthy rapport. Coaching and/or Facilitation can take place in both English and German.

As a catalyst for culture change, I am available to learn more about your specific needs and to design a customized plan to support you, your teams and your organizations. Please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at +49 8158 - 928912.

+49 8158 - 928912

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