Team Coaching: Architecting Conversations that Connect and build Trust

“To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationship, which depends on the quality of conversations … “
(Benchmark Communications, Inc)

Target group:

Teams co-creating together to align with the corporate vision and enhance performance.


To build a communication culture of transparency and co-creation

Teams are made up of diverse personality types for good reasons. Each member brings different strengths and communication behaviors to the table. Most importantly, members need a clear sense of purpose, can feel safe knowing that they are making a valuable contribution, and know how to communicate intent with candor and caring.

Architecting strategic organizational conversations for teams takes into consideration Three Levels of Conversation.


The Three Levels of Conversation

Level 1: Transactional

Level 1 is about 'exchanging information' to update, keep people in the loop and is useful to actively directing people and processes to get work done. It often focuses on compliance and includes rewards and punishments. Our interaction dynamics is one of Telling and Asking. Closed-ended questions confirm and protect what we believe is true.

Level 1 Trust is low.

Level 2: Positional

Level 2 is about 'exchanging power' and influencing others to our point of view using our personal power and influence skills. Our interaction dynamics are Advocating and Inquiring. When we use more advocating, we are asking questions for which we already know the answers. Too much advocating with little listening can move people into protect behaviors and loose trust.

Level 2 Trust is conditional.

Level 3: Transformation

Level 3 is about 'exchanging energy', co-creating and transforming ideas and outcomes with others. Our interaction dynamics are Sharing and Discovering. We are engaging with others in high levels of openness, candor, curiosity and stimulate provocative questions that enable us to partner and elevate our thinking to new thoughts and ideas for innovation.

Level 3 has high trust.

Conversational Intelligence

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