Conversational Intelligence

What is Conversational Intelligence®?

“Nine out of ten conversations fail to hit the mark”. (Judith E. Glaser, Benchmark Communications)

In her research and observations, Judith explored conversations in over 500 companies and found that when conversations are deconstructed they actually showed ‘low levels of connectivity’. In other words, people walked away with different views of reality and what they agreed upon. By elevating people’s awareness of Conversational Intelligence® we elevate the quality of conversations and dramatically impact how people feel about their conversational success with others.

The Conversational Dashboard

According to Conversational Intelligence® (, expert Dr Judith Glaser, conversations are how our work gets done, and there are a range of approaches we can choose in any conversation that determines how we connect with and influence others. These approaches are set out in the conversation dashboard below.

Conversational Intelligence® gives us insight into how conversations activate the trust and distrust networks in our brain. It shows us how to understand and architect conversations that create healthy relationships, teams and organizations.


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