Information Training and Facilitation

Training and FacilitationIn a time where rapid change and decision making is a constant in our everyday (inter)actions, it is not uncommon for us to lose sight of our shared goals, our needs both personal and professional, and what truly drives us as leaders, teams and members of global corporate cultures.

Charlotte Weston-Horsmann inspires leaders, teams and individuals to tap into interaction dynamics that impact the way we create shared meaning, build relationships, and bridge the cultural gap. Charlotte develops and facilitates workshops based on Conversational Intelligence®, a highly successful program that draws upon new insights from neuroscience to help us navigate difficult conversations, build trust and discern the communication style best suited for different contexts to reach desired outcomes.

Contact Charlotte Weston-Horsmann at or +49 8158 - 928912 for free consultation and needs assessment. Upon request, we’ll discuss overall objectives and develop a customized learning strategy before moving on to a plan of action.

+49 8158 - 928912

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