Developing a Global Mindset: Intercultural Agility

Solution Overview

Intercultural AgilityMoving with confidence between different cultural settings and contexts is a key competence in today’s increasingly complex business environment. In group work, we will explore our own cultural bias and become sensitized to different “maps of the territory”. In particular, we will gain an acute awareness of how our cultural (mis)understanding and communication behavior impacts our relationships. Understanding culture-specific needs for creating trust and building relationships through communication that closes “reality gaps” is key to getting the results you want.

Target Groups

Cross-cultural project teams, team leaders, Top-and Middle management. Young High Potentials (Junior Leadership).

Key Outcomes

  • Understanding the impact culture has on business relations.
  • Gaining awareness of different values and cultural norms that drive communication behavior.
  • Understanding personal communication preferences.
  • Gaining an appreciation of different approaches to project work, problem-solving, conducting meetings and giving feedback.
  • Ability to assess expectations and adapt communication behavior to address the needs of people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Knowing key strengths and areas of development to better assess personal effectiveness.
  • Acquiring communication skills that connect and build trust in daily interactions and foster engagement in teams.

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