Leadership Communication: Power WITH instead of power OVER

Leadership Communication involves communicating with the goal of:

  • enhancing morale and performance,
  • listening and connecting to the person’s sense of identity,
  • identifying with the project and the collective identity of the organization.

Target group:

Project team leaders, top and middle manager leaders

In this workshop participants will focus on:

  • discovering their leadership voice to architect conversations that communicate   authenticity and transparency, i.e. telling the truth tactfully within the appropriate context.
  • communication behavior that shapes the space for trust, creates shared meaning in an atmosphere of mutual support, and engages the power of the team.
  • communicative agility: harnessing interaction dynamics, expressing vision clearly and developing a shared language to work through difficult situations.

“In the trenches learning”: Rather than drawing upon standard leadership training models, I’ve had good experience with working with participants’ actual “in the trenches” or real time cases by deconstructing communication strategies and patterns that missed the mark between intent and impact. Working in groups to practice pivoting in the moment to refocus and redirect (toxic) conversations, participants gain an in-depth awareness of moment-to moment interaction dynamics that impact behavior and, ultimately performance.

Key Questions:

  • Where does Leadership show up for you?
  • What is your understanding of co-active leadership?

Architecting Leadership Communication

Architecting Leadership Communication

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